Movie Review: Snatch (2000)

The captivation of moving pictures is a source of tremendous inspiration. For this reason and many more, (Name of the Blog) continues showing our love for movies with another movie review. This week we review and highlight; Snatch (2000). a slight smile is very charming The review includes a synopsis and a basic story line. (Name of the Blog) ends this movie review with some Hollywood facts and statistics.

Snatch (2000) is a crime and comedy movie that was released on January 19th, 2001. This movie is rated R and it is 1 hour and 42 minutes long. The director was Guy Ritchie. The writer for this movie was also Guy Ritchie. The list of the eleven most important cast members for this movie is as follows:

  •           Benicio Del Toro (Franky Four Fingers)
  •           Dennis Farina (Cousin Avi)
  •           Vinnie Jones (Bullet-Tooth Tony)
  •           Brad Pitt (Mickey O’Neil)
  •           Rade Serbedzija (Boris the Blade)
  •           Jason Statham (Turkish)
  •           Alan Ford (Brick Top)
  •           Mike Reid (Doug the Head)
  •           Robbie Gee (Vinny)
  •           Lennie James (Sol)
  •           Stephen Graham (Tommy)


The synopsis follows. Snatch (2000) is a riveting crime story with some splashes of comedy. This film is centered on a stolen 86 karat diamond and the series of crime events that follow the robbery. The comedic splashes truly add a genuine feel. The City of London blends all of the action beautifully. Director Guy Ritchie brilliantly adds sound effects that compliment the clever cinematography. The actors deliver with above average performances. Furthermore, hisshou dungeon unei houhou the combination of the actors cements this movie as a classic movie for men. Above all else, Guy Ritchie is brilliant as the director and writer of this film. Overall, Snatch (2000) earns a rating of 9 out of 10.

The story line follows. Tommy and Turkish are underground boxing promoters. The story is told through them. Franky Four Fingers steals a giant diamond in Antwerp, Belgium. After the robbery, he has to travel to London, England. Brick Top puts on underground boxing matches. He is part of the Tommy and Turkish story line. He is also known for scripting the fights he sets up. Brick Top meets with Turkish when he wants to use one of his fighters. He also scripts the fight that they agree on. Cousin Avi buys diamonds and he is located in New York. While in London, Franky Four Fingers contacts Cousin Avi to sell him the diamond. The diamond is estimated at being 86 karats. Boris is a gun dealer that arranges to have the diamond stolen from Franky Four Fingers. He knows about Franky Four Fingers because Franky visits him at his home in order to buy a gun. Turkish’s fighter, Gorgeous George, is unable to fight and Turkish can’t keep his agreement with Brick Top. Turkish is forced to negotiate with Mickey O’Neil to fight in Gorgeous George’s place. Mickey O’Neil is a Gypsy that they met by accident.


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